Transform an ordinary cardboard box into a cozy secret hideout for kids


This TikTok parent used a big cardboard box and twinkle lights to make their son a super cool and cozy secret hideout!

TikTok account Kids Craft Barn (@kidscraftbarn) often shares creative crafts and DIY activities parents can do with their kids. One of their videos features an awesome tutorial for making a clever rainy day secret hideout for kids using a large cardboard box, and the finished product is beyond charming.

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The footage features the gradual process of the box’s makeover from a regular cardboard box to “Rainy Day Secret Hideout,” beginning with the “before” shot.

The transformation of what was once an ordinary cardboard box starts with the filmer turning it lengthwise on its side.

Next, they make a series of small holes in a zig-zag formation to stick in the twinkle light bulbs throughout the top of the box.

For an even cozier vibe, the filmer furnishes the secret cardboard box hideout with a few soft blankets and a small pillow.

The finished product is a comfortable haven, with twinkle lights softly glowing from the ceiling.

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

Kids can use their secret hideout to chill out, read a book, or anything else their imagination can create!

Viewers loved the creative method for repurposing a cardboard box.

“How fun! So cute,” one user complimented.

“Doing this,” announced one excited TikToker.

“I want one of these,” mentioned one adult, half-joking to which the parent responded, “Me too. I need to find a bigger box.”

“This is so freaking magical! My son with autism will probably love this,” one parent raved.
It’s amazing what can be done with just a cardboard box and some ordinary household objects. Sometimes thinking outside of the box can lead to great things inside of the box!

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