Transform empty mint tins into pocket-sized games and activities for kids

Altoid tins are famous for their simple tin box packaging that people repurpose into different things all the time! So it’s no surprise that many adults and children on TikTok are showing off the magic you can create with some hot glue and an old mint tin. Among the many clever creations are DIY miniature games and activities that kids of all ages can enjoy anywhere and anytime! From a mini dollhouse to a mini paint palette, here are 5 fun DIY games and activities you can make using a mint tin.

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1. Mini Spelling Magnet Game

Can you spell cute? To make this mini spelling game, the filmer attaches small magnets to the backs of beads with letters on them. They place a sticker of an object on small squares of paper and then write the item’s name next to it. Kids can practice their spelling by matching the letter beads with the name and sticker on the paper. Finally, adding magnets to the backs of the paper, they decorate the outside of the tin with scrapbooking tape and more stickers.

2. Mini Doll House

This precious pocket-sized dollhouse is beyond creative! The exterior of the tin dollhouse features a button doorknob, stained glass windows, and a friendly “welcome” sign. The filmer uses cardstock paper to create the interior structure of the dollhouse. The house’s interior is decorated using pieces of paper with various furniture and appliances printed on them. Meanwhile, little dolls and figurines can play in the outdoor space, complete with a pond and stone path.

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3. Mini Dinosaur Playset

Petite paleontologists will definitely get a kick out of this mini dinosaur playset. The filmer includes an assortment of tiny dinosaur figurines that kids can set up, a plastic rock for the dinosaurs to play on, and some plastic greenery. The dinosaurs may be small, but this playset is mighty.

4. Mini Paint Palette

Mini artists will love this mini paint palette. Begin by cutting an empty blister pack, so it fits comfortably in the tin. Next, paint the blister pack white, and add a different paint color in each compartment. Then, trace the bottom of the container around a gift box sponge and cut it out before gluing it to one side of the tin. Finally, place the paint palette on the opposite side of the mint tin. The finished product is a miniature paint set complete with paints and a sponge to clean your brushes.

5. Mini Rainbow Playset

It’s incredible how you can create a whole new world with some felt and hot glue. First hot glue green felt to the bottom of the tin. Next, take some blue felt with a cloud formation cut out at the bottom, and hot glue it to the inside of the lid. Then, cut red, orange, yellow, green, and blue felt into arches to create a rainbow in the top left corner of the tin. A fluffy white felt cloud serves as the finishing touch to this backdrop, while an assortment of little toys and objects makes the playset complete.

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