Trader Joe's Is Selling Ranunculus and Other Pricey Flowers for Super-Cheap

You can make the perfect spring arrangement for $7.

<p>Lisa Sieczka/Getty Images</p>

Lisa Sieczka/Getty Images

If you haven't been buying your flowers from Trader Joe's, now's the time to start. The grocery store chain is well-known for offering more affordable alternatives to things like spices, pantry staples, frozen meals, and produce, but their lesser-sung hero is the flower section. The flowers at Trader Joe's are often significantly cheaper than those at local grocers and floral shops and their current seasonal offerings are going viral online for their affordability and impressive quality.

Several TikTokers have posted PSAs to others on the app, encouraging them to head to the store ASAP to take advantage of the good deals. One flower in particular—ranunculus—has been getting the most attention. These flowers, which look similar to peonies and are in high demand, can cost around $2 to $9 per stem, or nearly $40 per bunch, but Trader Joe's is selling bunches of them for just $6.99.

Because of ranunculus' full blooms and whimsical wavy stems, these flowers can quickly make a modest at-home floral arrangement look artful and professional. The flowers also look great when added to ikebana-inspired arrangements, a Japanese tradition of flower-arranging that's often done in a shallow vessel with a kenzan (flower frog) holding everything in place.

Ranunculus and the other affordable flower options at Trader Joe's even have some shoppers thinking they should drop everything and pursue floristry. "I made ONE arrangement with Trader Joe's flowers and then somehow fully convinced myself that I could do all my own wedding florals, quit my job, and become a florist for the masses," TikToker @sou_p wrote in a video.

Another TikToker, @lindsay_brown__, recently went viral for sharing a striking bundle of orange peony double tulips that were under $10 from Trader Joe's. And there are plenty of great deals on other spring flowers and fillers at the store too.

So, if you've been wanting to welcome the arrival of spring with a bouquet of fresh flowers in your home, don't wait any longer to make a Trader Joe's trip. Right now is one of the best times to take advantage of the store's affordable floral section.

And, make sure to follow our tips to keep your flowers lasting longer, so that you can enjoy those colorful blooms for not just days, but weeks.

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