Trader Joe’s Now Carries Vegan Ranch Dip (and It’s Only $4!)

Trader Joe's has answered our food prayers yet again–so get your dipping hand ready.

Yup, the king of dips and vegan options is selling their vegan ranch dip on its own. Already famous for appearing in their popular veggie trays, the coconut-milk-based dip is now available to upgrade your snacks on a more permanent basis (hello mini pretzels).

An exclusive FB page Vegan Trader Joe's (that's so exclusive you need to reveal your favorite vegan product to gain access—no frauds allowed) broke the news via a TJ's employee. Although no more details were shared, chances are the dip will mirror the one included in the veggie tray. If so, it'll feature delicious spices, our favorite coconut cream, shallots and red wine vinegar. (Oh, and did we mention it's only $4?)

Vegan options for that Labor Day barbecue? Sign us up.

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