Trader Joe’s Shoppers Say This Ice Cream ‘Might Be The Best I Have Ever Had In My Life’

Trader Joe's storefront
Trader Joe's storefront

Trader Joe’s seems to have done it again. This grocery store is known for its delicious frozen foods, quirky snacks, and seasonal cult-favorite items. But fan reactions prove that TJ’s has especially been slaying in the dessert department lately, with shoppers across Reddit praising new items like the Peanut Butter Brookie and the “dangerously delicious” Lemon Sheet Cake.

Now, the latest buzz in the Trader Joe’s subreddit is around another fruity ice cream flavor that’s back just in time for the start of summer: Wildberry Cheesecake. 

Trader Joe's Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Nothing says "summer" like some tasty berries. But what's even better than that is berries paired with sweet, creamy goodness. When you dig into Trader Joe's Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, that's exactly what you get—and shoppers can't get enough.

The Trader Joe's website tells us that this sweet treat features a "dreamy, sweet-cream ice cream base" and "a generous mixed berry swirl (made with blueberries, elderberry juice concentrate, and a blend of raspberry, strawberry & blackberry purees) and tender bits of classic cheesecake."

Is it as good as it sounds? Signs point to YES! According to one poster on the Trader Joe's subreddit there's little to no competition for this flavor (although When Life Gives You Lemons might give it a run for its money): "Might be the best ice cream I have ever eaten in my life," they wrote, with commenters flocking to echo the praise.

"I discovered this from this subreddit and it has become my absolute favorite," one wrote.

"I was just eating this! Told my husband we definitely need to get more next time we go. Soooo good," another said. "And I usually don't like non chocolate ice creams."

"I had no idea it was going to be SOOOO good. Its flavor was so one of a kind. I need to go get more," someone else raved. Alright, we're convinced!

We're simply dying to try this flavor now. If you are, too, you should act fast—like many of our favorite Trader Joe's items, it'll only be available for a limited time, along with these spring treats. While you're at it, you may want to search for these soon-to-be discontinued items. Happy shopping!