What’s New at Trader Joe’s in June? Pineapple Fruit Spread, Tangerine Cream Bars and More

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When we asked our grocery store boo, Trader Joe, how he wanted to kick off summer 2021, he answered: “with snacks, duh.” Behold, 11 new items to shop for at Trader Joe’s this June, from pineapple fruit spread to tangerine cream bars.

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1. Vegan Pasta Bolognese Bowl

The old-school version of the sauce typically stars slow-braised beef, pork or veal. Here, wheat protein and mushrooms hold down the fort instead, alongside red lentil pasta.

Buy it ($3.49)

2. Chile Lime Mayonnaise

Admit it: You sprinkle TJ's chili-lime seasoning on everything from popcorn to chicken. Now, you can spread it onto burgers, fish tacos, grilled corn and, well, anything that could benefit from a dollop of mayo.

Buy it ($2.99)

3. Pineapple Fruit Spread

If your daily toast is feeling a bit boring, this is just the condiment to spice things up. Made with real pineapple and coconut milk, the compote-like, piña colada-inspired spread works on everything from pancakes to pastries to sundaes. You can even use it in marinades for chicken, fish or pork.

Buy it ($3.49)

4. Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

Just like the ones you got from the ice cream truck as a kid, minus the milk. They're made with oats instead of real cream, so they're lighter (only 100 calories each!) and free of dairy.

Buy it ($3.49)

5. Vegan Cookies & Cream Vanilla Bean Bon Bons

They're just the right size for grabbing and noshing one at a time...but we wouldn't blame you for polishing off the box in one sitting either. The bon bons are filled with frozen coconut milk that's studded with chocolate and vanilla bean creme sandwich cookies.

Buy it ($3.99)

6. Spicy Kosher Dill Pickles

These gherkins hail from a local Bulgarian farm, where they're hand-harvested at just the right size. Savor every drop of the garlicky brine spiked with coriander seeds, allspice, bay leaves and spicy Pfefferoni peppers.

Buy it ($2.69)

7. Ube Tea Cookies

For the uninitiated, ube is a purple yam from the Philippines that's beloved for its sweet, almost nutty flavor (and gorgeous color). Here, ube purée is blended into shortbread dough for an unconventional cookie that's sure to keep you coming back for more.

Buy it ($3.99/pound)

8. Strawberry & Vanilla Flavored Yogurt Pretzels

Where sweet, salty and summery collide. You seriously won't be able to quit these teeny-tiny pretzels enrobed and drizzled in strawberry yogurt candy coating.

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9. Ultra-Filtered Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk

Ever wondered what ultra-filtered actually means? The process filters the milk with a super-fine membrane that actually removes the lactose, gives it a creamier texture and boosts the protein and calcium content. Did we mention it tastes like chocolate?

Buy it ($3.99)

10. Tangerine Cream Bars

Move aside, orange. Tangerine sorbet offers a tart-sweet je ne sais quoi to the nostalgic treat that pairs beautifully with the bars' creamy vanilla interior.

Buy it ($2.99)

11. Dark Chocolate Watermelon Sticks

Summer's official fruit mascot just got a delicious makeover. Like TJ's dark chocolate-orange iteration, these are filled with soft watermelon candy and coated in firm dark chocolate.

Buy it ($2.99)

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