'It’s my body and it actually doesn’t owe anyone anything': Tracy Moore hits back at shamers

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Photo via @thetracymoore Instagram
Tracy Moore is hitting back at onlie shamers. Photo via @thetracymoore Instagram

Tracy Moore has no time for body-shamers.

The 46-year-old Canadian TV personality took to Instagram on Wednesday to address recent comments she's been receiving regarding her weight.

"Hi Tracy, you've put on a lot of weight. Is your health OK?" one of the comments reads, while another added, "Are you expecting again?"

"Did you get whiplash reading this carousel? Tracy, why are you fat? Tracy, why are you thin? Your body has changed Tracy and we demand answers. Stay tuned for more details on how @drjoeyshulman and her team can help alleviate your pain and inflammation like they’ve helped alleviate mine," Moore captioned the post.

"In the meantime, I understand you may feel you deserve answers on why my body looks the way it does because I’m public-facing. But big or small — it’s my body and it actually doesn’t owe anyone anything."

She urged her followers to process their feelings on the appearance of other women's bodies.

"How does the appearance of another woman’s body make you feel? Be honest. Do you feel ownership? Jealousy? Disgust? Repulsion? Desire? Contentment? Motivation? Inspiration? Now take those feelings and sit down and process them. Not at a keyboard, but internally," she wrote.

Moore explained that while she loves the positive remarks people make about her body, it's not nearly as important as the love she has for herself.

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"That’s where our work about bodies needs to happen. In our own brains. I love that you love my body but honestly the only thing that counts is that I love my body. And I do love this body regardless of its outward appearance. I hope you also love yours. #BodyPositivity."

Moore's fans quickly praised her for speaking out against body shamers.

"You do not owe anyone anything," one commenter wrote. "It's the audacity that people would fix their fingers to type these things to someone they don't know."

"Thanks so much for sharing this Tracy. you're so brave for sharing these photos and taking a stand against body shaming and misogyny. You don't owe anyone an explanation. It's your body, you're healthy, and you're beautiful. that's all anyone needs to know."

"What would ever compel someone to comment on another person's body!? It’s mind-boggling that you receive these," added another.

"You know what the crazy part is... We expect more from our children online. It’s like most adults feel exempt from any type of responsibility for their behaviour Oh and also gosh forbid you change like, at all, ever," someone else wrote.

"Thank you for this conversation because we always think of the younger generation scrolling and reading all the comments."

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