Tracee Ellis Ross Recreated One of Her Mom Diana Ross’s Most Iconic Photographs

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Tracee Ellis Ross Recreated One of Her Mom Diana Ross’s Most Iconic Photographs

Tracee Ellis Ross just paid homage to her mom, the one and only Diana Ross. The Black-ish actress took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing a gorgeous beaded yellow halter dress that her mother wore in a photoshoot decades prior.

In both images, mother and daughter wore their signature curly hair slicked back into a chic bun and opted for smoky eye shadow and wine-colored lipstick for their coordinating glam.

"No. 1 MAMA," Tracee captioned her first photo.

Photo credit: ALAMY
Photo credit: ALAMY

"No. 2: ME," she captioned the second image, showing off her recreation. Tracee shared a third snapshot, showing herself throwing her arms up in the air and laughing. "No. 3: NAILED IT!!" the actress wrote.

Last November, while accepting the honor of being named a fashion icon at the People's Choice Awards, Tracee expressed how her mother has influenced her love of fashion over the years.

"Obviously, I have to thank the icon herself, my mom, not only for her great parenting…but also her example, her sense of style, her epic closet, and her glamour that introduced me to the power of fashion," Tracee said during her speech. "After she would finish a show and the curtain would fall, I would go onstage as a little girl and I would collect all of the beads that had fallen off of her sparkly dresses so that I could have pieces of the magic, seeds of the fashion dreams that I was cultivating for myself."

Tracee also expressed to in June that experimenting with her style—and showing off her outfits on social media—has brought her joy following the emotionally trying year that was 2020.

"[Sharing my outfits] is a way to put joy in action for me. When I get dressed, I think to myself, 'Ah, I like her, I remember her!' She got lost a little bit," Tracee said. "During the pandemic, I continued working and there was no question that I continued putting on my lipstick, putting on a beautiful top and earrings and necklaces and things like that, but to be going back out into the world and getting dressed for that—I missed that part of my life."

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