Toxic' mom says she 'shouldn't have had children' in emotional post

A mom confessed online that, despite loving her three daughters deeply, she feels like she's not suited for motherhood — . and parents everywhere say they know exactly how she feels. Posted to the subreddit r/BreakingMom, user TheAntiMama received hundreds of comments and upvotes when she opened up in a vulnerable post on the forum. When it came to having children with her husband, she said, "we just kind of stumbled into it. i was always reluctant". "Unfortunately, what I discovered AFTER having them is that I don’t have a nurturing bone in my body... Basically, all the 'soft skills' you need to be an amazing mother — I don’t have ANY of those". "Mothering requires what feels like super-human emotional endurance to provide. And unfortunately for me I’m just one of those people that doesn’t have those qualities naturally" . "Can anyone relate to this? Is there any way to develop these qualities so that my girls have a positive experience of their childhood even if I am not naturally well-suited to the job?. She went on to explain in the comments that she has tried numerous types of therapy and medication — but despite years of "concerted, sustained effort," she's found nothing helpful. hundreds of parents came forward to offer TheAntiMama support and advice — and to inform her she's not alone in her feelings toward motherhood. "You aren’t toxic. You are self aware and telling a truth that many feel but will never express it because of societal conditioning," one parent wrote