Tove Moves Into Denim

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Tove is one in a grouping of newer brands, LVIR and Loulou Studio among them, making the “stealth-wealth” dressing concept easier for all to replicate.

Camille Perry and Holly Wright, the former heads of Topshop, launched it in 2019 with the goal of establishing a set of wardrobe building blocks with just the right point of difference to prevent customers from growing weary. They seem to have succeeded — take their ruched tie-front maxidress, spotted so frequently during the spring and summer months it should be known as “that” Tove dress.

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The block they were missing is arguably the most foundational: denim. The designers are now fixing that with a collection of four jeans and a re-cut version of their drop-shouldered James shirt, available now.

Denim is such an integral part of every woman’s day-to-day wardrobe and being able to pair back our separates with jeans is the way we instinctively wanted to wear the collection,” Perry said. Wright added, “It feels like the pursuit of the perfect fit with denim is a lifetime endeavor.”

The Tove denim collection.
The Tove denim collection.

The launch, which comes on the heels of Tove’s decision to pivot away from its London Fashion Week presentation, is timely. With the Y2K craze for low-rise, bum-huggers fading out, the jeanswear market is shifting toward tailored, pant-like styles similar to the ones the designers are offering.

“We wanted to focus on a smaller number of silhouettes, but ones that felt versatile and responded to every season and occasion,” Wright said.

Her favorite, the Sofie jeans, are biodegradable and cut straight through the leg for a relaxed look that “doesn’t feel overtly masculine,” while the slimmer Marlo comes in both mid-tone blue and deep indigo and has added stretch for comfort.

Perry and Wright view style as tantamount to sustainability. In addition to sourcing recycled cotton, they partnered with an Italian manufacturer on a special ozone dyeing process that uses five liters of water to produce a single pair compared to the average 10,000 liters.

“Every detail has been refined and the process challenged,” said Perry, noting how the label on each waistband is plant-based and made from corn rather than leather. “We believe these will be true signatures with longevity.”

Tove denim ranges in price from $345 to $465 and is available on the brand’s e-commerce and at select international stockists.

The Tove denim collection.
The Tove denim collection.
The Tove denim collection.
The Tove denim collection.

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