Tourist fined for wearing nearly non-existent bikini: ‘it was literally a string’

A Taiwanese woman was slapped with a fine over her tiny bikini bottoms while vacationing in the Philippines. Photos of the beachgoer’s risque attire began circulating on social media. the photos eventually caught the attention of the Boracay Inter-Agency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG), which notified police. authorities tracked the tourist down to a hotel and then brought her and her boyfriend, along with a hotel representative, to a local police station. The tourist asserted her bathing suit was just her personal “form of expression and of feeling comfortable with her body”. She was issued a citation for violating an ordinance that forbids the taking and displaying of “erotic and lewd” photographs and hit with a fine of P2,500 ($50). BIARMG chief Natividad Bernardino urged tourists on Friday to observe “proper decorum”. “We have our own cultural values as Filipinos and Asians. [Tourists] should be able to respect that”