You Can Tour Through Florida’s Bioluminescent Waters in a See-Through Kayak

Photo credit: @getupandgokayaking - Instagram
Photo credit: @getupandgokayaking - Instagram

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You don't have to travel all the way to Walt Disney World-aka Mickey Mouse's homeland-to experience some magic in the state of Florida. One of the most breathtaking and natural sights in the world is right in the Sunshine State: bioluminescent waters.

This glowing phenomenon only occurs in six places in the world, and the state of Florida is lucky enough to have it right in their own backyard in Titusville, on Florida's Space Coast. Bioluminescence occurs when an organism can create its own light due to a chemical reaction-and the water in particular glows when it comes in contact with other objects, like a kayak or paddle board and even just a hand skimming along the waves.

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

Get Up And Go Kayaking might just be the best option for you to experience nature's light show up close and personal-they offer special bioluminescent night tours with clear kayaks, so you can see everything glow right under your seat and all around you. You'll need to wait until it's completely dark out-after 9 p.m.-to truly see the wonders of nature's glow sticks.

Just a heads up, you'll want to book your trip to Titusville fast-this natural light show only occurs in Florida from the months of June-September. For those of you who still want to head to Disney World and see the magic of the bioluminescence, the two sites are only 45 minutes away from one another. It's a win-win!

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