The Tote Bag That You'll Carry Everywhere No Matter the Season

cuyana easy zipper tote
Cuyana's Updated Easy Tote Has a ZipperProduct Shot Image

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It goes without saying that I am absolutely not a stranger to Cuyana's leather goods. I've sworn by, not just their system tote, but also their travel cases for years. Last year, when the brand phased out their OG tote bag, I was devastated, as I loved mine and had finally had to retire it. But rest assured, they brought it back with many updates, most recently... a zipper.

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Classic Easy Zipper Tote


Behold, the Classic Easy Zipper Tote, a carryall that I simply cannot stop using. And the zipper? It makes a world of difference. Because these days especially, not only am I super on the go, but I want to have everything I need with me at all times. Translation: my bag is usually bursting at the seams. A zipper keeps everything contained and where it's supposed to be. It sounds unremarkable, but anyone who has had half their personal affects tumble out of their bag in the airport at TSA will tell you this: A zipper is key.

But beyond the zipper, I love many things about my earthy, sage-hued carry all. The pebbled leather is soft, yet doesn't get dinged easily. If you somehow get schmutz on it, you can wipe it down and it won't damage the leather. The internal components also work with pieces that function as part of the system tote—like the System Flap Bag or Zipper Pouch—so everything stays super organized. What's not to love about that? I also adore that I can carry this bag when I need a bit of polish, but it's not too casual to carry to, say, the office. It's a wear with anything situation and I'm very much here for it.

Also, none of the details on the bag feel flimsy. The zipper is sturdy, the gold hardware has weight and heft. There's no stone left unturned. As a result, this tote comes across as much more expensive than it actually is. That's a win in my book. Another Cuyana worth adding to the collection, if you ask me.

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