This is the top trending fall food, according to Grubhub

Taylor Rock
·1 min read

When sweater weather finally comes around, there are a few seasonal foods that come to mind, like apple crisp, cider doughnuts and all things pumpkin. But what exactly is everyone ordering for takeout as the leaves begin to turn? According to a new set of data from Grubhub, the top trending fall-favorite dish is clam chowder.

The Most Popular Food Delivery Request by State

In its research, Grubhub looked at items that rose in popularity in the fall of 2019 compared to the rest of the year. Clam chowder was 295% more popular in the autumn, followed by creamy lobster alfredo at 279%, meatball and tomato ragu at 233%, chicken pot pie at 195% and tan tan ramen at 155%.

It's all about the comfort foods, baby.

As far as boozy beverages go, hard apple cider was the top contender with a rise in popularity of 232%, followed by hard seltzer at 164%, adult rootbeer floats at 135%, old fashioneds at 99% and lemon ginger drops at 82%. Libations look a little different when it comes to bartending at home though, as evidenced by the most popular coronavirus quarantine cocktails by state.