This Top-Tested Mattress Is Less Than $600, and Our Bedding Pros Can't Get Enough

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Allswell is known for its affordable mattresses that cost under $1,000, and in our evaluations, the brand's mattresses actually performed better than much pricier models on the market. The low cost of the mattresses can be attributed to the fact that Allswell is owned by budget retailer Walmart, which started the bed-in-a-box brand in 2018. Our Textiles Lab experts have been especially wowed by the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress model, which combines traditional coils, memory foam and a comfy quilted top. In fact, this model is the "best value mattress" pick in our guide to the best mattresses. Here's everything you need to know about the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress including sizing, pricing, delivery, material and real-user feedback.

How we tested the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress

The bedding experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab have rigorously evaluated hundreds of mattress models by reviewing the materials, having our analysts test them out firsthand and surveying thousands of mattress owners on the beds they already own. When it comes to the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress, Lab analysts worked with representatives from the Allswell brand to learn more about the mattress and analyzed our mattress testing data. We thoroughly reviewed feedback from dozens of Allswell mattress owners and reviewed over 1,000 data points, providing us with insight into what it's like to sleep on the Luxe Hybrid model.

Who it's best for

Allswell's Luxe Hybrid Mattress is our best-value-mattress pick and a 2022 Best Bedding Awards winner. The Luxe Hybrid model is loved by our Textiles Lab analysts, who, after putting the mattress through extensive consumer testing and expert evaluation, think it's a great option for:

✔️ Budget buyers: A Queen-size model is priced at just $549, which is a steal, especially for a hybrid bed. Just because it's affordable doesn't mean the mattress feels cheap or skimps out on quality — our testers have compared it higher-end options. One shared, "It feels like sleeping on a real, plush hotel mattress but at a fraction of the price."

✔️ DIY installers: The mattress is conveniently delivered straight to your door in a box (with no fee for shipping!), and our survey panelists say delivery time is quick. However, there's no white-glove service or mattress retrieval included, which means you are responsible for taking care of setup and getting rid of your old bed. We still think the incredible low price is worth the extra effort up-front.

✔️ Young adults: It’s a great mattress for younger adults, like first-time homeowners or recent college graduates who want a mattress that's comfortable but aren't ready to splurge quite yet. The bed also requires some DIY setup and heavy lifting and lacks edge support, meaning it can be a little more difficult to get in and out of or sit on the edge of the bed without sinking in. According to our testing, older shoppers tend to appreciate a mattress with easier setup and a bit more stability and support.

✔️ Most body types and sleep positions: The Luxe Hybrid Mattress has a medium-firm feel, making it a great option for most sleeping positions. Here's why:

  • Side: Many side sleepers benefit from a medium firmness level, and this one is a medium-firm. So while it might be too firm for some — especially those with a lower body weight that don’t put as much pressure on the bed — it’s a good fit for side sleepers that prefer a slightly firmer feel.

  • Stomach: Stomach sleepers benefit from a firmer surface, so this medium-firm feel could be a great fit if you don’t want it to feel too hard.

  • Back or combination sleepers: If you sleep on your back or change positions overnight, your recommendation for firmness level falls somewhere in between a side sleeper (who needs softer) and stomach sleeper (who needs firmer). Based on this, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid is ideal for most back and combination sleepers.

Note: If you have a higher body weight, you might find that the Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress does not provide adequate support. Consider opting for the brand's Brick model, which is designed with more high-density foam and less memory foam for a firmer feel.

a bedroom setup with an allswell luxe hybrid mattress on the bed frame

What the mattress is made of

Allswell combines both traditional metal coils and memory foam to create the Luxe Hybrid model, a medium-firm mattress with a 12-inch profile. One survey panelist who has also slept on all-foam and traditional innerspring beds shared, "The [Luxe] Hybrid model is perfect. A full-foam mattress is too squishy feeling. This mattress is supportive and plush."

an illustration of all four layers of the allswell mattress including coils, foam, memory foam and cover deconstructed

Here's a breakdown of the materials used, beginning with the bottom layer:

  • Base coils: Individually wrapped coils make up the base of the mattress for durability. Plus, the brand says that because each coil is wrapped separately, it helps to prevent motion transfer, meaning you're less likely to disturb your sleeping partner while you move around in bed at night and vice versa. The coils allow for better airflow through the mattress, as well, which can help you to maintain a comfortable temperature.

  • High-density foam: Next is a transitional layer of one inch of high-density polyurethane foam, which provides additional support.

  • Memory foam: On top is a two-inch layer of cushioning memory foam to cradle your body. The foam is infused with copper particles to help prevent overheating and to allow for cooler sleep.

  • Quilted topper: The mattress is encased by a stretchy quilted topper that incorporates even more plush memory foam material for an extra-soft, cozy feel.

hands pushing down on the corner of an allswell luxe hybrid mattress

Where can I buy it?

You have two options when shopping for an Allswell mattress. You can purchase through Walmart's online platform or the separate Allswell website. Walmart offers a lower price and the option to return the in the retailer's stores, but if you shop through Allswell, the return period is 100 days instead of 90, and there are options for expedited shipping and mattress haul-away for an additional fee.

Delivery and setup

The shipping information here is based on purchasing the mattress through Walmart. White-glove delivery and setup is not included, but shipping is free within the contiguous United States. Here's what you need to know:

  • Delivery: When purchased via Walmart, the mattress is compressed into a box and shipped to your door for free. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, know that there is an added shipping fee. You won't need to worry about scheduling a delivery time, but you will need to move your new mattress in and swap your old mattress out on your own.

textiles lab executive director lexie sachs with an allswell bed in a box on a porch
The Allswell mattress arrives compressed into a box and shipped to your door for free.Lexie Sachs
  • Setup: Simply move the box to your desired location, then remove the mattress. Unroll the mattress on a flat surface in your room, ideally onto the bed frame or platform, and give it some time to fully expand before sleeping on it. When we asked our survey panelists about the process, nearly every respondent gave it perfect ratings for being easy to set up. They also shared that the mattress took shape quickly and rated it highly for being comfortable to sleep on from night one.

  • Trial: Can you test out the mattress before committing? Yes – you have 90 days to sleep on the mattress before deciding if it's right for you. If you aren't in love with the mattress, you can return it to a Walmart store near you or start a mail return online, and a full refund will be processed.

Note: Walmart does partner with a company called Angi that works with local professionals to coordinate old mattress removal and disposal. If you want to take advantage of this service, you'll opt in during the checkout process. You will be charged an additional fee and will need to schedule a time for your old bed to be hauled away.

How long will it last?

Representatives for the Allswell brand shared that, generally, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid model mattress should last between eight and ten years with proper care. Allswell is a brand founded by Walmart in 2018, which means consumers haven't been able to sleep on their Allswell mattresses for longer than four to five years, so we don't have long-term data to support the brand's claims.

However, we have reviewed responses from our survey panelists who have been sleeping on their Allswell Luxe Hybrid beds nightly for several years, and these panelists gave the mattress high ratings for being comfortable to sleep on over time. It is important to note that a few panelists who have been sleeping on their mattresses for three to five years shared that they feel as though the mattress has lost some of its initial structure and support, especially around the perimeter of the bed.

According to brand representatives, Allswell does offer a 10-year limited mattress warranty, which means you'll need to register your mattress for warranty upon purchase, and the brand will replace your defective mattress for free for up to ten years if the defects meet the warranty's conditions.

Pro tip: If you're noticing sagging or dips in your mattress, it could be caused by your bed base. Allswell recommends a foundation with "solid support with minimal to no flex," and if you choose a slatted base, the brand says to be sure the slats are no more than four inches apart so that the mattress is properly supported. You can even consider adding a mattress protector to prevent damage and wear and tear. And if you’re not loving the feel of your bed over time, a mattress topper can create a more comfortable surface.

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Why trust Good Housekeeping?

Amanda Constantine joined the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2022 as a Home & Apparel Reviews Analyst. She has reviewed other mattresses for the GH Institute, including Tempur-Pedic's collection of mattresses and Saatva's Classic Mattress, and she has written about bedding like comforters, duvet covers and waterproof mattress protectors. For this article, she used her categorical expertise, analyzed the Textile Lab's mattress testing and survey data on the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress, spoke with representatives from the Allswell brand and worked with Textiles Lab Executive Director Lexie Sachs for more mattress insight.

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