The Top Six Harry Potter Airbnbs Worldwide

Check out these Harry Potter themed accommodations that will have fans feeling right at home. pictured: a Hogwarts letter signage
Check out these Harry Potter themed accommodations that will have fans feeling right at home. pictured: a Hogwarts letter signage

Airbnb superhosts have been transforming their spaces into niche vacation homes, which many adventurous travelers enjoy. Fans of the seven book and eight (or 11, depending on who you ask) movie series will wish they could apparate to these awesome themed Airbnbs. Those that indulge (and maybe even binge) in the magical world of Harry Potter will love these top rated accommodations.

From actual locations that inspired the story to accurately done replicas, these Airbnbs will give all types of travelers (muggles and squibs alike) a fun experience. Film tourism is a great way to have unique and exciting travel experiences that are unforgettable. While visiting the actual filming destinations may be costly due to the series’ array of settings and acclaim, visiting these Airbnbs may be more feasible. Especially because many themed accommodations provide exclusive stays and attractions that may not be available at the actual sites. Check out these top Harry Potter-themed experiences, available for booking through the Airbnb platform.

Wizarding World Airbnbs

These are the top six Harry Potter themed accommodations from all over the world. 
pictured: an image of a young person holding a wand wearing a Hogwarts robe and doing a spell over a boiling cauldron
These are the top six Harry Potter themed accommodations from all over the world. pictured: an image of a young person holding a wand wearing a Hogwarts robe and doing a spell over a boiling cauldron

These Airbnbs bring the fantastical wizarding world to life in the eyes of children and even adult super fans. If snapping into an awesome immersive living area sounds like a sorting hat full of fun, these accommodations may be the perfect fit. Spend time in these varied stays that resemble apparitions to the big screen.

Hogwarts’ Hideaway

This themed property in the United Kingdom would be a great accommodation for travelers looking to really get into character. The entire home in Hertfordshire can be booked and it is quite popular, according to its rating as a guest favorite. It fits seven guests, with three bedrooms and one bathroom. Dumbledore’s office, a beautiful garden with a seating area and a Chamber of Secrets bathroom are just a few of the movie references in this home. It is only a ten minute drive from Warner Brothers Studio which has the Making of Harry Potter experience where guests can book a ticket for an exciting tour to see movie sets and authentic props. This property can be booked for around $311 a night.

West Bow Flat

This accommodation in Edinburgh, Scotland is for travelers that prefer more artful representation of the Harry Potter franchise. This residence actually is in the area that inspired Harry Potter author, JK Rowlings. This area served as creative inspiration for Diagon Alley, which is a popular location in the wizarding world. The central shopping area (both in real life and in the films) is ornamented with cobblestones, pubs and many alleys lined with restaurants. It is no surprise that fans wanting to live out their wizard life dream appreciate this accommodation. This one bedroom, one bath can house up to three guests and costs around $133 per night. The rustic apartment takes subtle inspiration from Harry Potter for a more classic stay with its canonically significant location.

Harry Potter Home

Near Universal Orlando, there is an entire home dedicated to the aesthetic of Harry Potter. This home can accommodate up to 12 guests and is a spacious five-bedroom, three-bath property. Guests feel enchanted once they enter this outwardly unsuspecting home, which resembles the grand castle that housed the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The home is located in a quiet residential area, so it is perfect for families that want a more private and bonding experience. From Victorian paintings, a gothic dining hall, rooms labeled by wizarding houses, Harry Potter novels and even fun family board games, this house really feels like a mini wizarding castle.

There is plenty of entertainment for guests at this accommodation, including a Nintendo Switch in the common room. On top of these property amenities, the home is only around 10 miles from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and 18 miles from downtown Orlando. It is centrally located and every room is thoroughly and professionally decorated with Harry Potter displays. Guests can stay in this home for $172 a night.

The Common Room Condo

This condo in Victoria, Canada has been transformed into a gryffindor common area in Hogwarts. The 400 square foot space is a multi-level condo in a central area and is ideal for tried and true gryffindors. The rustic accommodation is equipped with a full kitchen, an upstairs loft and a wonderfully lit bay window. Guests can even people-watch while relaxing in the bay window area. Throughout the condo guests will notice special touches like a large portrait painting of Dobby the elf and pictures of other characters like Remus Lupin. Fans will enjoy the detailed decor and bustling atmosphere that surrounds this condo, which they can book for $76 a night.

The Sorcerer’s Lodge

This Airbnb is an apartment in Colmar, France that can accommodate up to six guests. The two-bedroom, one-bath apartment has nice decor that nods to the complex storyline of the Harry Potter series. The common areas have the most outstanding references to the films while the bedrooms have striking yet classic decor with props throughout. Guests can spot Hedwig, spare broomsticks, trunks for platform 9 ¾ and even extra cauldrons in this accommodation. For around $229 a night, guests can relax in a luxe apartment home where they can imagine themselves as students of the illustrious Beauxbatons (the French wizarding school from which Fluer Delacour derived).

School of Witchcraft Dorm

For true believers of the magical and mystical, this Salem Harry Potter dorm accommodation will be just what the wizard ordered. This ‘dorm’ is located in a bed and breakfast, so guests get their own room with shared common spaces. With dorm-style beds that resemble those of Harry and Ron, guests can really place themselves in the young magic student’s shoes. The creative owner even hand-painted much of the decor so guests would feel fully immersed in the magic. Plus, this accommodation is located in Salem and there is no better place to have authentic magic experiences. Downtown Salem is close by but there are also stores and restaurants across the street. For $345 a night small families can book a stay in this room, which has two single beds and a 24/7 breakfast bar.