On top of everything else, RuPaul might be fracking

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Because things seemed too calm in the news recently, RuPaul might have accidentally slipped during an NPR interview. that he and his partner “lease mineral rights” on their ranch in Wyoming. The “Drag Race” star told NPR’s Terry Gross that he and husband Georges LeBar . own a 60,000-acre piece of land and lease the mineral rights to oil companies. “You lease the mineral rights to oil companies. And you sell water to oil companies. And you then lease the grazing rights to different ranchers”. A Twitter user heard the interview and realized it sounded a lot like RuPaul was involved in hydraulic fracking. It’s a highly controversial practice due to the number of natural resources needed and the negative effects it can have on the area. Following a viral tweet exposing the theory, Gizmodo writers Dhruv Mehrotra and Dharna Noor looked into RuPaul’s Wyoming property . and discovered oil and gas wells, as well as what looked to be like a “frac pad” (a temporary drilling site to create the wells)