These Are the Top Companies Hiring Work-From-Home Employees in 2021

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These Are the Top Companies Hiring Work-From-Home Employees in 2021

Get hired, stay home.

It's been close to a year since the majority of companies asked their office-based employees to start working from home until further notice (thanks, coronavirus pandemic). Whether or not certain employers start—or have already started—letting their staff back to the office by now, remote work continues to be a preferable and/or necessary setup for a lot of professionals. In other words, there's never been a better time to seek remote roles.

Pandemic health concerns aside, the flexibility and freedom that working from home provides has always made it enticing. In fact, well before the COVID crisis, remote work was on the rise: The number of people telecommuting in the U.S. increased 159 percent between 2005 and 2017, according to an analysis by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics. Remote employees can live and work from anywhere—coffee shops, a home office, across the globe from headquarters, even the beach (WiFi permitting, of course). They can alter their hours to suit their work style (in one 2020 survey, 95 percent of respondents said their productivity had increased or stayed the same while working remotely during COVID). They save money, time, and gas without a daily commute or spending on corporate-approved attire. They can squeeze in a workout or errands on their lunch break. Interested yet?

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If you're looking to make your dreams of a permanent work-from-home gig a reality, FlexJobs, a subscription service for job seekers featuring flexible and remote jobs, shared its eighth annual list of the top 100 companies hiring for remote positions in 2021. After combing through the remote job listings of nearly 57,000 companies in its database, FlexJobs found the companies with the most remote-friendly positions (openings must offer 100-percent, partial, or optional remote work) than any others throughout 2020.

"The coronavirus pandemic has permanently reshaped the workplace and how, when, and where people work," FlexJobs founder and CEO, Sara Sutton, said in the press release. "Business models have been forever disrupted with the realization that remote work is smart, strategic, and sustainable for companies to embrace, improving not only the bottom line but also providing benefits to the overall workforce."

Here are the top 20 companies hiring for remote-friendly jobs (head here for the full 100 list). Some great news? Williams-Sonoma made it into the top 10. Does that mean you could be working for your favorite retailer from the couch? Yes, yes it could. And though not at the very top, Dell, Aetna, Hilton, Wayfair, and Amazon are on there as well.

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Top 25 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs in 2021

  1. Lionbridge

  2. TTEC

  3. Liveops

  4. Working Solutions

  5. Kelly Services/Kelly Connect

  6. Williams-Sonoma

  7. TranscribeMe

  8. Sutherland

  9. Robert Half International

  10. Transcom

  11. UnitedHealth Group

  12. Cactus Communications

  13. Citrix

  14. EF Education First

  15. Randstad

  16. K12

  17. Supporting Strategies

  18. Aerotek

  19. Kforce

  20. BELAY

  21. Amazon

  22. VocoVision

  23. Oracle

  24. Thermo Fisher Scientific

  25. Salesforce

To ensure a successful remote job search, heed these tips. Do a deep-dive to research companies you like, admire, and would love to work for. Then always tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight any skills that make you an ideal remote-work candidate (think: self-starter, good time management, clear communicator, comfortable on multiple telecommunication platforms, past experience in a remote position, and so on). Finally, don't get fooled by scams—here are a few common job scams to watch out for.

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