Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Smart Lock

·2 min read

Smart locks have gained wide popularity among homeowners due to their stylish design, seamless operation, keyless convenience and enhanced security. Being able to use mobile devices to control your entry door remotely, as well as monitor your home’s front door status have become the new fashion for young homeowners. Before you jump into the trend, we want to offer 5 tips for you to bear in mind when you shop for the ideal smart locks.

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  • Determine the budget

You only get what you paid for. It is especially true in the smart lock market. While a regular entry door lock may only cost you from $50 to $500, the smart lock can easily cost you thousands of dollars with its pricey kit and complicated installation process. Although there are less expensive smart locks with basic functions in the market, you need to do a thorough research to figure out the features you need.

  • Choose the Wireless Network

Smart locks work with high technology, but you might not realize that they have so many different wireless network options. For example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave. A smart lock can be embedded with one or two connection types, and you need to choose the most suitable ones for your home needs.

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  • Decide How to Install

Many people prefer to do things all by themselves to save money, but it might not be the case for smart locks. You can read carefully the product specifications and installation guidelines to try to install it by yourself, but the process could be time consuming, and you will find it painful to go wrong. It is always recommended to use a professional locksmith to install high-technology smart locks for you.

  • Familiarize the Top Brands

Not all the smart locks are made the same. Like you choose your mobile phone, you probably want to go with the famous smart lock brands for their reliability and quality. Meanwhile, warranties and customer service are also better with established manufacturers.

  • Check the Compatibility

It always sounds intriguing to upgrade your home security by switching to smart locks, but you may have to consider the compatibility of the smart locks. Most of the smart locks cannot work with 3 point lock doors, and you may need to customize the lock if your current entry door is not the normal type.

It is true that smart locks offer enormous benefits and convenience to life, but you need to carefully evaluate the budget, networks, installations, brands, as well as compatibility before you make the decision. Of course, instead of spending all that time researching smart lock options, you could always have a consultation with experts of that industry.