"Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 is Coming to Netflix This Summer

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Remember last summer when we were stuck in the depths of quarantine with nothing to do but attend Zoom classes and rewatch every TV show on Netflix? And then, a new dating show come around, and suddenly, we could forget our troubles for a little as we watched a group of hot young people trying to not hook up in an effort to win money. Yup, I'm talking about Netflix's Too Hot to Handle. It's been a while since season one, but some of the show's contestants have remained in the headlines and on our screens. Well, now we're getting a season two and something tells me this go around is going to be just as crazy as the first one. Read on for all the details you're dying to know.

When is it coming out?

The ten-episode series will premiere on Netflix on June 23rd. At that point, four episodes will be released, with the remaining six, including the finale, dropping on June 30th.

Will it have the same premise as season one?

Just like last year, a bunch of single men and women will be dumped on an island together, trying to win $100,000. In order to do so, however, they need to abstain from sexual interactions of any kind. As we can see in the show's teaser, virtual assistant Lana will be back to keep an eye on the contestants and making sure they don't get away with anything.

Who is going to be on the show?

According to Netflix, we will be getting a "new batch of hot, chastity-challenged singles" this season, but as of now, we don't know exactly who is included in that group. Of course, there's also always they chance that a contestant from last season comes back for another chance at the money.

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