Tony Porter, CEO, A Call to Men | MAKERS Men

Why he's a MAKER: He gets it. While so many see domestic violence as a women's issue, Porter calls it what it is: "It's a men’s issue." And he knows as a man, it's important for him to speak up. "I'm a member of the dominating group. I can give voice to those being marginalized, and speak the truth to men." Tackling violence in the NFL: By bringing A Call to Men and its message into the locker rooms, Porter has helped the NFL reduce domestic violence arrests among its players by 40 percent since 2014. [Insert our touchdown dance here.] What woke him up to feminism: Early in his social work career, his female colleagues schooled him. "The way they spoke about feminism, the way they spoke about violence against women and girls... That was a moment that I could remember clearly, I made a decision that this was the direction I was going to go in." Who made him the man he is: Mom. "Her ability to accept people, meet people where they're at. I would like to believe I digested that. She surely lives in me today."