Tony Danza Called Out for 'Unkind' and 'Condescending' Interview

Tony Danza is under fire for "uncomfortable" footage that shows him seemingly talking down to a reporter at the opening of a Broadway show earlier this week.

In a new TikTok video from the opening night of "New York, New York," reporter Rye Myers was on the red carpet when he began chatting with Danza and producer Jamie deRoy—but the interaction didn't exactly go as smoothly as planned.

While Myers excitedly greeted the pair, Danza awkwardly asked him to "relax a little," telling him, "You're more excited than we are. Take it easy."

Myers countered by insisting that the moment was "exciting," but Danza clearly wasn't having it, as he patronizingly replied, "I know, I know, I know. OK."

Trying to move on from the uncomfortable moment, Myers went on to ask the Emmy nominee some questions, including one about his "favorite New York City staple food."

That's when Danza leaned in and touched Myers' face to say, "You know what you’ve got to do, buddy? You’ve got to come up with better questions."

He then walked away, pulling deRoy with him, saying, "Come on, let's go."

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Myers, who was able to keep his composure throughout the encounter, still appeared to be confused by the hostile interaction, prompting his TikTok followers to call out the way Danza treated him.

"That was so unkind it made me uncomfortable," one person wrote under the post.

"The touch on the face would have sent me into a fit of rage," someone else added.

"Unfortunately fame makes a lot of people way too entitled!" another person chimed in.

Others made a point to compliment Myers on his handling of the situation, including one user who wrote, "He's showed his true colors a condescending a--hole but you handled it with humor and grace!! Bravo to you."

"Well you can't please everyone..." Myers aptly captioned the clip, while adding, "If you didn't wish to be interviewed you could have said No!"

Danza has not yet responded to any of the criticism online.