Tonight's Moon is the Last Supermoon of the Year

Country Living Staff
Photo credit: JOHANNES EISELE - 123
Photo credit: JOHANNES EISELE - 123

From Country Living

  • Look to the skies tonight to see the season's last supermoon!

  • The Flower Moon will be visible until the morning of May 8.

Cancel your big fancy plans tonight (we kid, we kid) because tonight marks the season's third (and, sigh, last!) supermoon—a lunar phenomenon that occurs when a full moon is especially close to Earth and thus looks extra-close and extra-bright and extra "extra" – we're talkin' as much as 30% brighter than a full moon when it's at its farthest point from Earth. Named by multiple Native American tribes as the "Flower Moon" because of the large number of flowers that bloom this time of year, it's the third in a supermoon series (recall April's Pink Supermoon and March's Superworm Moon?). It's also sometimes referred to as the Mother's Moon, referencing increased fertility. (Speaking of, our friends at Country Living sister title Cosmopolitan say it'll also make you feel extra frisky.) It's definitely reason enough to start firing up the grill so you and your family's fellow stargazers can enjoy dinner outside tonight—perhaps complemented with a little moonshine of your own? Type your zip code here and our friends at The Farmer's Almanac will help you find out the time of your region's moonrise. (Because you can only stare at the sky for so long.)

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