The 'Tom Cruise Cake' Is So Good, Tom Hanks Would Eat It As His Last Meal

tom hanks tom cruise cake
Tom Hanks Praises The 'Tom Cruise Cake'Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Delish

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We're still getting over how insanely delicious the "Tom Cruise Cake" is, but there's one actor who's so head over heels with the cake they've proclaimed that they would eat it as their last meal. That actor is Tom Hanks, and he noshed on the cake, as well as a handful of other dishes while appearing on Mythical Kitchen's Last Meals YouTube series.

After eating his way through challah bread French toast, an In-N-Out Double Double, a Greek salad with calamari, and other last meal picks, Hanks announced the "Tom Cruise Cake" as his dessert pick.

"Look at it. Would you look at it," said Hanks as he channeled his inner Corn Kid. "Isn't it gorgeous? This cake is so great you can really only have it once a year which works out perfectly because I don't order it, it arrives as a gift at Christmas. Now I'm gonna drop a name now and I don't want you to go berserk. But this is a big name. Not everybody gets this white chocolate coconut bundt cake. This is a Christmas gift that we get every year from Tom Cruise."

Despite the decadent cake being dubbed the "Tom Cruise Cake," the Top Gun: Maverick star isn't actually spending hours in his kitchen baking the treat. The white chocolate coconut bundt cake comes courtesy of Doan's Bakery in Woodland Hills, California, and they've been making it for years.

And if you haven't yet made your way onto Cruise's holiday gift list, you can still purchase your very own "Tom Cruise Cake" any time of year via Goldbelly.

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