Toddler's Kind Words While Sharing Snacks with Blind Dog Are So Touching

What a little sweetheart she is!

Kids have hearts of gold. They truly just want to help out everyone and everything, even if it means saying something that isn't necessarily right. They may not be able to comprehend why it's wrong, but it's the thought that counts. That's exactly what we've been thinking while watching this clip from TikTok user @blindbernard.

This TikToker's toddler was cutting up carrots to share with the dog. So sweet! The words she says are absolutely adorable, even though what she says isn't exactly correct. She was just trying to help! This video will truly touch your heart as it did with us and the 2.7 million other people that already watched it within the first 24 hours of being posted.

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Aww! She is seriously so sweet! We don't think she comprehends what it means for her dog to be blind, which is why she says the carrots will help his eyes. But as @chelster commented, "It's the thought that counts." Exactly!

@klyflo wrote what the dog was probably thinking, "I think we are past the point kiddo, but I love the treats so keep 'em coming." Aww! The dog didn't want to correct her so he let it go. Plus, he didn't want to risk the chance of not getting some delicious carrots. LOL! @officiallysha added, "Oh my goodness. This was WAY more wholesome than I expected." SAME!

Another TikTok user, @tayfrannn, said, "I could listen to her say the word Bernard on repeat forever." Right?! Her sweet, tiny voice is just too precious. We love these two so much and we just know they're both going to take care of each other forever!

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