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Toddler turns time-out into adorable dance party

Watch this toddler make the best of being put in a time-out by turning it into a dance party!

Cara Kuulei Bowen (@carakuulei) is a parent and TikToker who shares what it’s like raising three kids under the age of two. For Cara, parenting is full of joys, challenges, and plenty of funny moments! In a recent video, Cara shared how a recent time-out for her toddler didn’t go as planned, when the hilarious toddler started dancing instead of quietly contemplating their bad behavior!

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The video begins with a shot of Cara’s toddler standing alone on the family’s porch wearing a diaper. The toddler is facing away from the camera and has been confined to a red, white, and blue striped blanket for the duration of their time-out.

A caption reads, “POV: You put your toddler in time-out outside, but they hear a beat drop at the neighbor’s house.”

For a moment, the toddler stands still, staring out into the distance. Then, music begins to play and the toddler starts dancing!

They begin waving their arms in the air and stomping their feet on the ground to the rhythm of the music. Then, they run off of the designated time-out blanket and continue dancing on one corner of the porch.

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At one point, the toddler looks behind them and catches their mom’s eye. They know they’re not supposed to leave the blanket, so they run back to the blanket, where they continue dancing!

“She got you,” Cara’s husband can be heard saying from behind the camera. Both parents begin to giggle as they watch the dancing toddler.

The video ends with the toddler, once again, running off of the blanket to continue dancing on one side of the porch. “New to this whole parenting a toddler thing,” Cara writes in a caption. “Is this how time-out works?”

Cara’s sweet video had viewers cracking up.

“Time-out = time to party outside,” one viewer commented.

“Oh my goodness! That is hilarious,” another viewer wrote.

“That’s the cutest child punishment video I have ever seen,” commented another TikToker.

While it’s unclear whether Cara’s toddler learned the intended lesson during their time-out, they certainly had a fun time!

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