Toddler terrifies mom when she starts having conversation with empty air: ‘Who is she talking to?’

A toddler’s spine-tingling conversation with someone only she can see is freaking out TikTokers around the world.

Captured by the little girl’s mom and uploaded by the account @p_g_stories, the spooky footage gained over 1.6 million views, 84,000 likes and 3,500 comments.

Now, much like the mom who captured a strange shadow crawling under her toddler’s bed while trying to record a TikTok dance, this toddler’s alleged encounter with the other side is causing goosebumps across social media.

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In the video, the mom explains that she and her toddler were home alone.

Judging by the intense conversation her little girl begins having with the empty air, however, it seems they might not have been as alone as they thought.

While it may sound like baby babble to us, the conversation was clearly very real to the toddler, who spoke with great gusto to a completely vacant hallway.

After an intense chat, the little girl runs down the hall to peer down the stairs, where she continues the conversation.

Suddenly, she squeals and runs back to Mom, who gasps and asks, “What is it?”

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‘Something is not cool about this…’

The video abruptly ends there — but the footage was just the beginning for thousands of creeped-out TikTokers.

“I’d seriously be moving out!!” one user wrote.

“No. No ma’am! Nope! She screamed and ran, her face! Something is not cool about this!!” another user commented.

But some users weren’t scared by the toddler’s conversation.

“They are so adorably open because their minds haven’t been influenced by adults yet. Let her BE! 🥰,” one user wrote.

“My son used to stare at the ceiling and laugh and jabber. Scared me, but then I told myself it was my dad talking to him,” commented another.

But some didn’t believe anything spooky was going on at all.

Kids pretend talk on the phone all the time, pretend talking in person is the same thing maybe?” one skeptic asked.

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, one thing is for certain: There’s never a dull moment with toddlers! Thankfully, TikTok is there to capture every adventurous moment with little ones.

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