Toddler is terrified of tablet after piece of lettuce gets stuck in it

This toddler refused to play with her tablet after a piece of lettuce got stuck in its case, and viewers identified with her disgust for the vegetable.

Most things can’t come between a kid and their video games, except maybe a vegetable. TikToker and parent Mia (@xmia_dollx) discovered this when her daughter, Aspen, was scared to play with her tablet because she suspected that the piece of lettuce stuck to the back of it was an insect, and the video brought back memories for viewers from when they had to confront their fear of bugs.

“I can’t make this stuff up,” Mia says over footage of the tablet in a bright pink protective case at the beginning of the clip.

Mia explains that Aspen hasn’t been playing with her tablet recently and instead looks at the back of it to ensure that the lever designed to prop it up stays closed.

“Finally, something told me to look at the back of the tablet, and this is what she’s scared of,” Mia relays, unfolding the lever to reveal an old piece of lettuce.

“She’s scared of the lettuce that got stuck back there,” Mia says, attempting to show her daughter the vegetable.

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While the terrified toddler screams and runs away from the tablet, Mia tries to convince her that the brown thing stuck to the back of it is just a shriveled-up piece of lettuce and not a spider.

Fortunately, Mia comes to the rescue with a wet wipe and gets rid of the lettuce.

Many viewers could relate to Aspen’s lettuce situation.

“As a kid, I was afraid of a dried strawberry leaf because I thought it was a bug,” one user shared.

“Bro, who isn’t terrified of lettuce?” asked one TikToker.

“Me too, lil sis. Lettuce freaks me out too,” one viewer commiserated.
Despite her daughter’s terrified reaction, Mia informed viewers that Aspen, now 4 years old, is doing just fine and even laughs when watching the video.

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