Toddler can’t understand why his mom won’t marry him in heartwarming TikTok: ‘I love his innocence’

A toddler adorably begged his mom to marry him, and the sweet footage is going viral.

His mom, Donna, known on TikTok as Jacob’s Mammy, is used to capturing her “little old soul’s” funny and touching moments. But when she shared his impromptu proposal, millions of TikTokers around the world fell in love.

Now, much like the toddler who dashed down the aisle the moment he saw his mom in her wedding dress, Jacob’s love for his mom is going viral.

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The video begins just moments after little Jacob’s innocent proposal.

“Your mammy can’t be your girlfriend,” Donna gently explains.

“Why?” the bespectacled little boy asks innocently.

“Because I’m your mammy!”

“No, when I’m older!” Jacob clarifies.

“I’m always going to be your mammy, even when you’re older,” she responds.

“But I just want to get married to ya!” Jacob insists.

“We get married as a family, me, you, Daddy and Maisie. I’m your mammy, so I can’t be your girlfriend,” the patient mom replies lovingly.

“Pleeaaase,” Jacob begs.

Donna pauses, clearly moved by his begging, and finally gives in. “Right then, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Jacob’s face breaks into a giant smile as he whispers, victorious, “Yesss!”

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“This tugged at my heartstrings…”

Millions of TikTokers were moved by Jacob’s love for his mom.

“Omg, I love his innocence, he just loves you soooo much,” one user commented.

Kids learn that marriage is the ultimate declaration of love and they love their parents more than anything,” another user replied.

“He’s so darn cute! I could listen to him all day 🥰,” wrote another user.

“The little ‘pleaaaaase,’ how could anyone say no 🥺🥺,” commented another.

“This tugged at my heartstrings, thank you all for sharing🥰🥰🥰🥰,” one user wrote.

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