Toddler nearly gives mom a heart attack when he discovers a bottle of red food coloring: ‘I screamed in terror’


This TikTok parent had a real fright when she found what looked like blood in her kitchen and her toddler nowhere in sight. Fortunately, her toddler simply spilled a container of red food coloring!

Kali (@thatchipperbunch) is a mom and TikToker who is building a barndominium (a barn that has been converted into a living space) with her 8 other family members and sharing her journey and challenges along the way. Kali also posts videos of her adorable and sometimes mischievous kids, including a recent video in which Kali walked into the kitchen to find what looked like blood smeared across the floor. Fortunately, it turned out her toddler had simply gotten into a bottle of red food coloring!

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The video begins with a shot of the kitchen floor. There is a refrigerator in one corner and cabinets in another. On the floor, there is a white piece of what looks like cardboard, smeared with a red substance. Tiny bright red footprints lead away from the piece of cardboard and disappear off screen.

Spooky music plays as Kali begins to tell her story. “When I tell you I about had a heart attack,” she says, zooming in on the mess on the floor.

The camera turns to reveal Kali. She stands in the kitchen with the puddle behind her. “I walked into the kitchen to find this,” she explains.

Then, clutching her heart and widening her eyes, she continues. “My toddler was not crying or screaming,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘Where is he? What is happening?’ I screamed his name in terror and he came running.”

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Kali holds up a bottle of red food coloring. The cap is open and the bottle is mostly empty. “Holding this,” Kali says as the video ends.

Kali’s video had viewers cracking up and sharing their own stories!

“My two middles did this with red tempera paint and white carpet as toddlers. They still love that story,” one parent recalled.

“OMG, I’ve done that to my mom before,” commented another viewer.

“I just hear a little kid giggling at your reaction,” another TikToker wrote.

It’s unclear whether Kali’s toddler fooled her intentionally, but if he did, the toddler certainly has a bright future of pranking ahead of him!

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