Toddler hilariously tries and fails to play the recorder: ‘Not exactly what I had in mind’

This TikTok parents shared the hilarious moment her toddler son attempted to play a recorder but ended up screaming into it instead!

Jessica Williams Griffin (@jessicawilliamsgriffin) is a TikToker, teacher, and mom of 3 kids who shares adorable videos of her family. Jessica’s toddler son Hoyt enjoys music, but doesn’t quite understand how musical instruments work. In a hilarious video that racked up millions of views, Jessica shared the moment Hoyt attempted to play a recorder, but instead of blowing into it, screamed into it instead!

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The video begins with a shot of Jessica and Hoyt standing together in their backyard. Jessica holds a bright red plastic recorder in her hands. Hoyt watches his mom as she bends over so she is at his eye level. Then, she blows into the recorder to play it, showing Hoyt how it works.

When Jessica stops playing the recorder, Hoyt hops up and down in excitement and begins reaching for the instrument. “Here you go,” Jessica tells the toddler as she hands over the recorder. “Do it!”

Hoyt grasps the recorder in both hands and turns away from the camera as he prepares to play the instrument. At first, the toddler seems to understand how the instrument works, raising it to his mouth to play. But then, instead of playing the recorder, the confused toddler takes a deep breath and screams into it at the top of his lungs.

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The video ends with Hoyt staring at the recorder in confusion as his mom begins to giggle.

Hoyt’s failed attempt to play the recorder had TikTokers cracking up!

“Can’t wait to hear his version of ‘Hot Cross Buns,’” commented one TikToker.

“To be fair, as a music teacher, that is what they sound like sometimes,” joked another viewer.

“True story: We used to whistle around the house and then my one-year-old would just screech as high as possible to participate,” shared one parent.

Hoyt might not quite understand how to play the recorder yet, but he’s certainly not lacking in enthusiasm!

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