Toddler has hilarious reaction to mom’s ‘complex’ question about ‘theoretical physics’

A mom tried a funny experiment with her toddler daughter, and it completely paid off.

TikTok mom @themcfam wanted to have a little fun with her daughter Evie. Her husband thought giving the toddler an unconventional prompt might spark an interesting response. It turns out Evie’s dad knows her very well.

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“My husband told me to ask her about something complex to see her reaction,” the video text read.

“Have you ever heard of quantum gravity?” the mom asked the toddler.

Evie did not seem too interested in indulging her mother’s inquiry. Instead, she transported snacks from her bowl into a container. She wasn’t afraid to look at mom as though she was crazy as she completed the task, however.

“She’s so tired of me! Can’t wait for the algorithm to absolutely destroy this video. Toddlers and theoretical physics,” the caption said.

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People thought Evie’s reaction said it all. The video racked up 5.7 million views on TikTok.

“Yes but she’s not in the mood to discuss it right now,” a person wrote.

“That look she gave you,” another commented.

“She’s been here before and doesn’t want to talk about it,” someone added.

“That’s the same reaction I’d have if someone asked me this,” a TikToker replied.

“She’s very busy mom no time for small talk,” a user said.

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