Toddler goes viral for her adorable dancing skills: ‘This girl was born to be a TikTok star’


TikTok is obsessed with this bite-sized superstar after she gave the perfect impromptu dance.

The account @nishelynn is all about Nish and her daughter Alaina. Alaina is a toddler with no shortage of personality and charm. Even the mother’s motto is, “It’s Alaina’s world; I just live in it.” One day when Nish was tending to another one of her kids, the mom left Alaina up to her devices while the cameras rolled.

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While mom was working on her sibling’s hair, Alaina was focused on the camera. She looked right into the lens, smiled and started doing her own choreography.

The little one twirled, waved her hands around and shook her moneymaker. It was almost like she had the whole dance planned.

The adorable video received 17.5 million views and 2.6 million likes on TikTok.

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

“This girl was born to be a TikTok star. She is so cute,” a user wrote.

“She understood the assignment,” another said.

“That is just too much cuteness in that small package… she’s fearless at that! I can’t take it,” a person commented.

“She dances better than I do,” a TikToker responded.

“This is what happens when mom turns away! Feeling free and easy,” a person replied.

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