Toddler asks mom to ‘listen to [her] words’ in an adorable effort to establish personal boundaries

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Viewers are commending this TikTok parent for fostering her daughter’s independence after the toddler calmly told her to “listen to my words” in an effort to establish boundaries.

TikToker Lindsay Ann (@thelindsayann) is an LA-based mom, wife, and content creator who posts funny and relatable parenting videos featuring her two children, Kinsley and Riker. Recently, Ann shared a video where Kinsley calmly says she doesn’t want to eat fish sticks, and viewers are applauding Ann for listening and respecting her child’s boundaries.

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The clip opens with a shot of Kinsley, wearing a lime green striped smock dress, seated at the kitchen counter while devouring an avocado.

“Listen to my words, mommy,” the adorable toddler patiently requests. “If I don’t want a fish stick, don’t give me a fish stick,” Kinsley instructs before taking another big bite of avocado.

Before the video comes to a close, Kinsley, now covered in avocado, reminds her mom one last time to “listen to my words.”

Viewers took to the comments to express their admiration for Ann’s patient approach to parenting.

“Yes, little one, yes! Just because they are kids doesn’t mean they have zero say. Good parenting,” one user complimented.

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“Good job!! Listen to your children, value their independence, and nurture it,” noted another TikToker.

“She’s learning how to communicate her needs! What an articulate young girl,” one viewer mentioned.

Other TikTokers were quick to mention how drastically parenting has changed from generation to generation.

“You’re a lucky little lady. Mums back in our day would make those fish sticks to assert dominance, and you’d have to eat it, or it’s breakfast the next day,” one user shared.

“I didn’t have a choice in what was for dinner. I’m grateful my mother taught me to appreciate the fact we had food. This doesn’t make anyone bad,” commented one viewer.

While every family’s situation is different, it’s important for kids to know that their thoughts and feelings are taken into consideration.

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