Toddler is adorably thrilled when ‘bestie’ big sister comes home: ‘I’m so happy!’

This toddler’s reaction to his big sister coming home is so adorable!

Sheena Walters (@aria_and_luke) is a TikToker and parent to two adorable toddlers named Aria and Luke. Sheena loves sharing sweet videos of the close relationship between the two toddlers, including a recent video in which Sheena filmed Luke’s reaction to Aria arriving home. In the video, Luke rushes to the door to excitedly greet his big sister, and his reaction is so sweet!

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The video begins with a shot of Luke running through the house. The toddler yells, “Aria!” as he rushes towards the door. A caption on the video reads, “Bestie’s back!”

Luke approaches the door where, through the glass, Aria can be seen running towards him. “Yay! Aria!” Luke yells as he presses his face up against the glass door. On the other side, Aria can be seen placing her hands on the glass, as though she’s trying to reach out to her younger brother. Both siblings wear big grins on their faces.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

“Aria!” Luke yells again. Then, he backs away from the door and begins to jump up and down, giggling a bit in his excitement. At one point, the excited toddler even throws himself on the floor, and begins to laugh as he awaits his big sister.

Finally, Sheena opens the door to let Aria in. “I’m so happy!” Luke says as he stands up to greet his sister. The moment Aria enters the house, she throws her arms around her little brother in a giant hug. Both toddlers smile and laugh as Luke says, “Aria, I missed you.”

The video ends with the two toddlers standing face to face, laughing and smiling.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the sweet bond between the two toddlers.

“Aww, the cutest thing I’ve seen today. Your kids are priceless!” one viewer commented.

“What they have is so sweet,” another TikToker wrote.

“The way he couldn’t contain his excitement,” commented another TikToker.

Aria and Luke certainly have an adorable sibling relationship!

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