Toddler adorably pretends to be lost at the playground

TikTokers are losing it over this toddler pretending he can’t find his mom, who’s standing right in front of him at a playground.

TikToker Shineka (@mommyandmore) is a parent and content creator who shares clips of tutorials, TikTok challenges, and daily life as a mom to her adorable son, Lawson. Recently, Shineka posted a video of a fussy Lawson feigning a meltdown while pretending to be lost at the playground, and it’s as cute as it is hilarious.

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The clip opens with a shot of the toddler sporting a blue t-shirt with the words “Good Vibes” written on it, while teetering around the playground and whimpering. The text “He couldn’t find me, but I was in plain sight” appears over footage of Lawson crying out and wandering aimlessly.

“Lawson,” Shineka says firmly, in utter disbelief. Upon hearing his mother, the toddler dramatically spins around with arms flailing as he frantically searches for her.

At this point, Shineka is clearly standing directly in front of Lawson, who seems to be making a careful effort not to look in her direction so he can maintain his act.

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“Hey,” Shineka says as Lawson gets crankier. After being coerced into acknowledging his mother’s presence, Lawson toddles over and continues to bellow. He looks up at the camera with an exasperated expression and then lets out a burp just as the video comes to a close.

Viewers were beyond amused by the adorable toddler and his dramatic antics.

“It’s the mix with the ‘good vibes’ shirt, so cute,” one user said with a string of laughing emojis.

“Don’t ever hide in plain sight from him ever again, lol,” joked one TikToker.

“As soon as you grabbed him, he let out a stress burp,” chimed in another viewer.
As evidenced in Shineka’s video, babies can be a lot of drama.

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