Todd Snyder's Massive Black Friday Sale Is One for the Books

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TODD SNYDER, simply put, is one of our all-time favorite clothing brands for men. Not only because the New York-based designer offers styles that seem to defy the ebb and flow of time and seasons, but also because the brand has developed a core following for its retro sweater polos, rugged suede jackets, smooth corduroy pants, and elegant peacoats, making a cut above the rest with its treasure trove of polished-up menswear staples.

So why are we telling you all this? Because it'd be selfish of us to not let you know that the perfect moment is now happening at the perfect brand for you: Todd Snyder's Black Friday 2022 sale has officially kicked off with a bang, and you'll be able to take 30% off your entire purchase on almost everything on the site with the code BLACKFRIDAY30.

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Because Todd Snyder belongs to the upper echelon of your price point, quite a few items you'll find in its Black Friday section can be considered as an investment—like a cashmere peacoat or an Italian boucle topcoat—that now demands 30% less capital. So if your wardrobe needs some classing up, Todd Snyder's Black Friday catalog is where you'll find them. But if you're only looking for middle-ground apparel like a new cable knit sweater or selvedge jeans or tweed trousers to flesh out your closet, you'll also find them here.

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There's plenty to love about Todd Snyder, especially now that its Black Friday sale has kicked off with a 30% nigh-sitewide sale. So the best of luck at spotting and scoring your dream menswear essentials or splurges here. Whether it's a chore coat or a cashmere hoodie, Todd Snyder really has it all—on sale, nonetheless—this year.

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