Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Son Calls Prison Sentence ‘Worse’ Than Death

Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently in prison serving their sentences for crimes related to federal tax fraud. But their imprisonment doesn't just affect them, as their kids' lives have completely changed in the aftermath.

The couple's 17-year-old son Grayson recently opened up about how he's been dealing with the family's new reality on an episode of sister Savannah Chrisley's Unlocked podcast.

He said of their time in prison, "To me, it's worse than them dying. Because they're here, but they're not here. So it's just time that's being wasted."

"I'm saying, like, if they died, there's no possibility of you getting any more time with them. So it's over," Grayson added, before his sister noted, "You're forced to have closure."

Savannah questioned Grayson about whether or not he could "see it from a perspective of, at least they're still here for you to hug and say 'I love you.'"

In response, the 17-year-old said, "I mean, yeah, but I get to do all that within a time limit."

The siblings also talked about how they try to have someone visit their parents each weekend, but it's difficult to do. Julie is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Lexington, Kentucky, while Todd is serving 12 years in Pensacola, Florida.

They stated how it's "impossible to keep up," and Grayson said that his parents have directed him to "live your life."

He went on, explaining, "It's not that I don't want to go, but I'm also 17," before saying, "You know they understand but it's like, you still feel bad."

As you might expect, the siblings' visits to their parents are emotionally taxing on them as well, making it even harder.

Savannah said that she feels "renewed" after the visits, but Grayson described the cycle he faces after every visit: "I'm good Saturday. Sunday is when it hits me. And then Sunday to Thursday is bad, and then we go on Friday again and it's just the same thing again. You never really get out of it."

With Todd and Julie in prison, Savannah is the primary guardian of both Grayson and her niece, 10-year-old Chloe. She started her podcast, Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley, last October, and she has hinted at possible reality TV spinoffs.