'Today's Dylan Dreyer Gives Happy Update on Lost 'Luggage Saga'

Over a month after Dylan Dreyer detailed her family's travel nightmare while visiting Italy, we have a resolution!

While she and her husband, Brian Fichera, took their three sonsRusty, 1, Oliver, 3, and Calvin, 6—to Sicily in July, the airline transported their luggage to another European locale: Amsterdam.

But today, Aug. 29, everything made its way back to her. Nathan Congleton, a photographer on The Today Show, captured her joy on the morning show's soundstage after she was reunited with her suitcase.

"Ladies and gentleman [sic]…thank you for putting up with my luggage saga for the past 5 weeks," she wrote alongside the photos, uploaded on Instagram earlier today. "It has traveled the world and back again, literally. The best part is all my clothes are clean and I don’t have to do laundry!"

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It all started on July 22, when 13 pieces of their luggage failed to make it to their intended destination.

The group kept a positive attitude throughout, with Dreyer updating a few days later, "Who needs luggage when you’ve got your family?? Laughing through lost luggage and extreme heat in Sicily! What a trip!"

But while she learned that others didn't care at all that her clothing options were limited, she still wanted her things back.

"I’ve never felt more free (although this doesn’t get you off the hook @delta and @klm…I really liked the clothes I packed and I could really use a new pair of contacts!!) In the meantime, we’ll continue to make memories!!" she said in another update.

The men of the family eventually recovered their bags, but hers remained lost in the wind. It ultimately traveled from JFK to Amsterdam, Catania, Zurich Palermo, back to Zurich, and more, according to the luggage tags attached, before finally landing back at New York City's JFK two days ago, where Dreyer was able to pick it up before surprising all of her colleagues—and viewers—with its return.

All's well that ends well.

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