I Was Today Years Old When I Learned Some Of These Women's Life Hacks, So Now I'm Sharing Them With You

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Recently, I shared some life hacks that the women of Reddit absolutely swear by. Well, some kind members of the BuzzFeed community chimed in with their life-changing hacks they think every woman* should know. Here are 17 of the best ones:

*While the initial prompt on Reddit asked for women's life hacks specifically, these hacks are for anyone they apply to, regardless of your identity. Life-hack on, y'all!

1."If you drive where it is icy or there is snow forecast, make sure you place a container of cheap kitty litter in your trunk. If you get stuck, you can sprinkle the litter on the ground in front of your tires to get traction."


2."Use baby oil instead of shaving cream! You get a close shave and soften your skin, and a bottle lasts a really long time."


3."Always pee after taking a bath. It’s a must if you use bubble bath, salts, or bombs."


4."Buy men’s basic white or black V-neck T-shirts in the three-packs. They're much cheaper than women’s individual tees, which are usually like $15-plus."


5."If you try on a fragrance and hate it, wipe rubbing alcohol over your wrists or anywhere you sprayed it to get rid of the smell."

"Strongly astringent face toners (usually the ones for oily skin) work well because they contain a lot of alcohol too."



6."When I go to places where I'm prone to impulse buying, I initially don't pick up a cart, even if I'm going to need one for essential purchases. I do one loop of looking at things. Then I get the cart. If I still remember/want the item, then I consider putting it in the cart."


7."Will advocate for men’s deodorant over women’s deodorant all day every day."


8."Before dying your hair at home, put petroleum jelly on any areas you don't want to dye — like ears, the back of your neck, your forehead, the countertop, etc. It makes it soooo much neater; plus, you're not scrubbing your skin off!"


9."If you take medications, take photos of the bottles and save them on your phone. In an emergency, you are likely to forget things like exact dosages and brands, when it was last refilled, etc. This saves both you and medical staff time and aggravation."



10."Know how to change the tire on your car. Practice in a safe parking lot during the day. Most importantly, figure out the little things that would make it easier and keep those in the car."

"I have a towel in the spare wheel well, perfect for putting on the ground if I have to kneel down. I also have a flashlight, a socket that fits my lug nuts, and three spare lug nuts (which are wrapped in a smaller rag so they don't make any noise)."


11."I keep makeup and a mirror at work. Getting out of the house is a challenge — especially because I have a baby — and putting my makeup on at work saves me about 20 minutes in the morning."

"And let’s be honest — nothing really happens between 9 and 9:30 anyway."


12."Put a tampon and some nonlatex items in your first aid kits. Tampons are good for deep wounds, and a lot of people are allergic to latex (gloves and bandages)."


"If you can, add a pad, too. A tough road accident and sanitary pads — great mix."


13."When you hang up sweaters or other long-sleeved shirts to dry, hang them inside out so the bumps caused by the corners of the hanger don't stick out when you put the sweater on."



14."If you have to pee while wearing a wedding dress (or any other gown with a big skirt or train), sit backward on the toilet, facing the wall."


15."I have a ton of allergies to different medications. I made a 'business card' listing all the meds I can't take, plus my medical history, surgeries, doctors and their phone numbers, etc., and keep it in my wallet. Doctors and nurses love my card and have said many times they wished other patients would do this."

"Being deathly allergic to all IV dyes makes it imperative that my card is with me whenever I leave the house. I gave cards to my family, too. You can never be too careful, IMO."


16."My friend and I each have what we call 'mom bags' in our purses. It’s a small makeup bag filled with headache meds, antacid, bandages, tampons/pads, and other small, useful items. I carry a nail clipper because I HATE it when my nail breaks and it’s all jagged. The bag comes in handy more often than I expected."


17.And last but certainly not least, "Always keep lip balm in every coat or jacket pocket. It has saved me and my kids so many times."


Now it's your turn! Do you have a life hack that's made your life waaay easier, and think all women should know it? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.