TLC's Chilli Set to Be a Grandmother at 52

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TLC's Chilli is taking on a new role soon, as the singer will become a grandmother for the first time at the age of 52.

Chilli, whose real name is Rozonda Thomas, is entering a new phase of her life as her son, Tron Austin, 26, and his wife, Jeong Ah Wang, are expecting their first child.

Austin announced the news on Instagram with a photo featuring a board reading, "Hello @Baby Luna due March 2024 xo," above a box with an ultrasound photo and a note in Korean that said, "Thank you for coming to Mom and Dad."

The board was also surrounded by a bunch of needles and vials as well as a baby onesie that read, "Made with a lot of faith & a little science," with the positive pregnancy test placed on top.

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The couple also included a video of the ultrasound and a photo of a Christian Dior bag that Austin got for his wife for their fifth anniversary.

Austin wrote in the caption about the couple's journey to become pregnant, "WE ARE PREGNANT!! 👶🏻FINALLY WE CAN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE OUR DAUGHTER 🌙 LUNA WANG AUSTIN 🌙 will be here in March 2024!"

To his wife, he added, "I am so proud of you witnessing you going through so much just to get our beautiful baby here I am in awe of your efforts and I am blessed and honored by Jesus himself to begin this journey with you I love you so much you are going to be the best mother EVER !"

In the earnest message, Austin revealed that the couple endured two HSG, or Hysterosalpingography, procedures, a hysteroscopy, removal of scar tissue, and an egg retrieval procedure, while also going through a miscarriage.

"We will be the best parents for our little one and we just cannot wait for her to be here 👶🏻🥰 🤰 P.S HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY I hope you enjoy the diaper bag hehe😉👶🏻❤️🐉," Austin concluded. He and Wang have reportedly been together for five years, tying the knot last winter.

Fans and friends were super excited about the couple's exciting announcement, and many couldn't help but comment on Chilli's new status as grandmother.

"Congratulations to you both! 🎊🎉🍾 What a journey. Awww @therealchilli will be a glam ma 🥰. That’s one beautiful baby on the way!" wrote one person.

Another commented, "awwww Grandma @therealchilli 😍😍😍 Or will it be ChiChi??? 🙌🙌❤️❤️."

At the time of writing, Chilli has not released any statement about the news.

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