The 30 Best 'SNL' Christmas Sketches

Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin during the 'The Delicious Dish' skit on Dec. 12, 1998.

'Tis the season for laughter and cheer, and Saturday Night Live is ready to deliver plenty of both with their upcoming Christmas spectacular. Airing on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, this festive special will highlight SNL's most hilarious and memorable holiday-themed sketches spanning over the show's 49 seasons on the air.

Can't catch all the fun in primetime? Well, you better not pout—the special will air next-day on Peacock for your on-demand viewing pleasure. And if you still miss out, worry not, because NBC has gifted us all by scheduling an encore airing on Dec. 23.

To get you ready for the fun, we’ve compiled our own list of the 30 best SNL Christmas sketches. Enjoy the side-splitting entertainment ahead.

Best SNL Christmas sketches

Jennifer Coolidge Impressed by Christmas Stuff

Chloe Fineman does a spot on Jennifer Coolidge amazed by holiday paraphernalia. Hilarious holiday perfection.

Christmas Morning

A family shows off their Christmas gifts, with mom (a pitch-perfect Kristen Wiig) only receiving a series of robes while the rest get what they wished for.

December to Remember Car Commercial

Beck Bennett surprises his family with a car on Christmas, but the gift hilariously backfires.

Santa Baby

Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer play a couple demanding to meet the real Santa Claus in this honestly perfect holiday sketch.

Drunk Uncle on Holidays

Bobby Moynihan appears as his popular Drunk Uncle character to complain about the holidays. This guy sucks, but this sketch rules!

Schweddy Balls

In this infamous sketch, Alec Baldwin plays a baker named Pete Schweddy who comes on NPR's Delicious Dish to discuss his new holiday treat. It never gets old!

Steve Martin's Holiday Wish

Steve Martin shares a bluntly selfish Christmas list, a classic encapsulating his tenure as SNL's second-most frequent host.

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The Chanukah Song

Adam Sandler pens a tune about Jewish icons to make up for the lack of catchy Hanukkah songs. You’ll have it in your head for days after hearing it once.

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Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood - Christmas

Eddie Murphy reprises his classic parody of Mr. Rogers, with his character encountering Santa Claus.

Consumer Probe

Dan Aykroyd plays an incredibly irresponsible toy maker interviewed by Candice Bergen about hazardous products.

Hanukkah Harry

A classic the second it aired! A parody of Santa Claus, with the amazing and wonderful Jon Lovitz as the Hanukkah gift-giver Hanukkah Harry.

D* in a Box

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg perform a cheeky Christmas song in this certified pop culture hit.

Christmastime for the Jews

This very catchy holiday musical number starring is all about how Jewish people get to take over the town at Christmas. "They can finally see King Kong without waiting in line / They can eat in and drink their sweetest wine / They can crank Barbara Streisand on the streets they cruise / Christmastime for the Jews."

(Do It On My) Twin Bed

A hilarious musical number about the joys of getting freaky in your childhood bedroom over the holidays.

Gift Wrap

What happens when wrapping gifts gets dangerous and gross? This hilarious, gross-out sketch answers that question!

I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan sing a wildly catchy ode to their love for Christmas.

A Christmas Carol

Martin Short has never been funnier (which is saying a lot!) in this bonkers take on the classic A Christmas Carol.

Stefon's Christmas Shopping Ideas

Bill Hader's Stefon delivers a hilarious list of outlandish Christmas gift ideas.

Best Christmas Ever

Matt Damon and Cecily Strong reminisce by the fire about their great Christmas — with a hilarious, horrifying twist.

Glengarry Glen Christmas: Elf Motivation

Alec Baldwin's motivational speaker delivers an unorthodox pep talk to Santa's elves.

Holiday Baking Championship

Celebrity judges critique contestants' bizarre holiday baked goods in this laugh-out-loud holiday sketch.

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Debbie Downer - Christmas Eve with Santa

Rachel Dratch's mopy character Debbie Downer depresses even Santa Claus, played by the iconic Jack Black.

Christmas Miracle

Kate McKinnon's oddball character Ms. Rafferty shares her bizarre personal story of meeting Santa. It’s beyond perfect.

Bring It On Down to Wrappinville

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake rap as dueling Christmas gift-wrapping vendors and surprise! It’s very funny!

Mall Santa

Robert De Niro unwillingly plays a weary mall Santa, with Maya Rudolph as an incredibly (and hilariously!) fed-up elf assistant.

The Grinch

Pete Davidson impersonates the Grinch, with twists revealing the Who parents' wild night before.

Angelo Christmas

You haven’t lived until you’ve celebrated Christmas with Angelo in this unforgettable holiday sketch.


Pete Davidson channels Eminem while asking Santa Claus (played by Jason Bateman) for an iconic Christmas gift.

You’re a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown

You’ll never look at the little bald-headed boy the same way again after watching this super funny send-up.

Santa and the Elves

These three little weirdo elves will remind you of what makes SNL so special—a timeless (and bizarre!) Christmas sketch.

It's a Wonderful Life: The Lost Ending

A classic take on a classic movie. If you’re a fan of It’s a Wonderful Life, this sketch will make you howl with laughter.

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