Make Your Concealer Last

·Editor in Chief

A good concealer covers up dark circles, brightens up your face, and makes you look more vibrant. But getting concealer to stay in place is one of the most common beauty issues I get asked about. Here’s how to get it to last:

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  • On a clean face, apply a very small amount of undereye cream. One tiny drop of moisturizer patted under each eye should be enough. Too much hydration is what leads to concealer disappearing quickly.  If you have oily skin, skip this step and just moisturize at night.

  • If vanishing concealer is a common issue for you, take a look at the formula you are using. Liquid concealers fade easily. Swap a liquid concealer with a thicker, creamy formula that comes in a pot or stick.

  • Apply concealer with a brush first, then gently pat into the skin with your ring finger.

  • With a small fluffy brush, sweep a light dusting of powder over the concealer to set. This will make the concealer stay on much longer.

  • I like to use a pale yellow powder to set—it works with almost all skin tones and adds brightness. But you can also use your regular powder as long as it matches your skin tone.

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