A European Traveler Explained Why Americans Should End Tipping Culture For Good, And It Has Sparked A Viral Conversation

As we all know, in the US, you're expected to leave a tip for your server when dining at a restaurant.

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In other parts of the world, however, tipping is not the norm. Recently, a French person posted a thread on Reddit that explained why he thought American tipping culture was "disgusting," and there were definitely some dissenting opinions.

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Here's what the post said, as told by u/TheCastleReddit:

"Disclaimer: I am French, we do pay our food service staff a living wage, and tip is entirely optional. When I go to the US, I always tip 20%, regardless of service quality."

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"So. As the title says — tipping culture is disgusting. As a French dude, it is something that actually irritates me A LOT. I hate going to a restaurant in the US, not because I do not want to tip, but because I cannot stand the obsequious and sugar coated mask every waiter has to wear when they speak to me."

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"Doing service in the food industry in the US is having a fucking job as an actor/actress. You are expected to be always nice and friendly, and to be on top of your game every day; otherwise, you would not receive a decent tip. Clients are judging your performance and giving you a different percentage depending on how much they like it."

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"That's actually sick. Waiters should be paid for WHAT they do (taking your order and bringing your food), and not depending on HOW they do it. Can you imagine it anywhere else? Yes, Mr. Plumber, you unclogged my bathroom, but you did not smile enough so I am giving you 30% less of what you invoiced me for."

"In my honest opinion, food service professionals should go on strike in the US broadly to put an end to that shitty tipping standard. Make all menu items 20% more expensive and give that 20% as wages for waiters."

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The thread sparked a lot of conversation about why tipping exists and how it benefits some more than others.

One person, who goes by u/Nighdarke, agreed with the thread and expressed their disdain for current tipping norms.

"I live in the US, and I'm tired of being expected to tip everyone. It isn't just restaurant workers; everyone wants a tip now," they said.

"I saw a damned tip jar at the registers at the supermarket three days ago! Are you kidding me? I'm so done, no more tips for anyone. Period."

Someone else, who goes by u/cpujockey, pointed out the reality of compensation practices within the service industry.

"Tipping only serves the establishment you're employed at," they said.

"Basically, they get to pay you federal minimum wage and keep you working your ass off in hopes that the generosity of others will give you enough money to feed yourself."

And another person, who goes by u/s33ek, argued that getting rid of tipping wouldn't be as easy as it sounds.

"Restaurants that have eliminated tipping can’t attract workers," they said.

"Until we pay $30-$40 an hour, tips are going to be the better option."

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