Tiny Pomeranian Puppy with Unique Coloring Has the Most Fitting Name

Every day I send my family TikTok videos of adorable animals along with the exclamation YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS PUPPY!!!! Or dog, or cat, or hippo, or porcupine or basically any animal and seriously, you are my family now and you have to look at this puppy.

TikTok user @Soupthepom posted her adorable puppy and OMG he's just a babyyyyyyy.

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Did you look at the puppy did you look at the puppy? That's also basically what I text my people as soon as I send the text with the video. As a Pomeranian owner, Okay, so technically he's not MY Pomeranian, he's my kid's, but I buy his food so he's legally mine, there's just something about these teeny dogs with big attitudes that makes you wanna collect them all, like they are furry little Pokemons. And Soup here is no exception, because his coloring is ridiculously cool and his name is absolutely hilarious and he also has two litter-mates and get this - Their names are 'Chicken' and 'Noodle.'

TikTok user @Caroliner sums up my feelings perfectly and comments, "Welp, gotta blast off into outer space now, theres no way I'm good enough to be on the same planet as Soup. He's just too perfect."

In my opinion, Pomeranians are the perfect combo of a dog mixed with a cat because they are small and super affectionate and totally portable and they even pounce like cats when they are playing.

And I'm not saying I'm going to rush right out and get another one.. but if I came across one that looked like Soup he'd be going home with me faster than you can say "split pea."

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