Tiny home captivates TikTok users: 'Why does it look better than my house tho'

A tiny home has gone viral on TikTok for its impressive features. On Sept. 10, Texas-based company Creative Living Solutions shared a brief walkthrough of one of its tiny homes. The house features a spiral, outdoor staircase and large windows. A walk inside reveals beige walls and multiple marble countertops. In addition, the kitchen comes complete with a stove, an over-the-range microwave, a fridge and a seemingly endless number of cabinets. A virtual tour of the home on the company’s website further shows a bedroom with several large windows and a small upper floor that can fit two beds. The tiny home has attracted a lot of attention on TikTok, where it has received over 1.5 million likes and over 9,000 comments. “That’s no tiny home!!” one person wrote. “It feels huge”. “Why does it look better than my house tho,” another asked. Creative Living Solutions also offer 10 other different homes, which are all under 400 square feet. The tiny homes range from $45,000 to $90,000