Tiny Dog Rescued by Lifeguards After Swimming Out to Sea Gets His Happy Ending

We just love a happy ending!

The tiny dog who people noticed was running around a Junipero parking lot at the beach before he decided to evade rescue workers and swam out to sea has gotten his happy ending! One of the heroic lifeguards grabbed his rescue board and buoy and went out to get the dog who was doggy paddling out to the swim line and after saving his life the rescuers couldn't locate his owners.

The Long Beach Fire Department updated the story to Facebook and the small, swimming lapdog is home safe and sound.

The puppers name is Tofu and his family was located on Monday.

"Our new friend Tofu is doing great," reads the post description.."We had a couple of fun photos of his time with us! We are glad that he's back with his family! Although we miss him around Long Beach Lifeguard Association HQ."

People are so pleased to hear about this happy reunion, and @JoanOleska comments, "Thank you for saving that precious puppy!!! God Bless you!!" @IrmaCamp adds, "Awesome, thank you for the rescue. Y’all are wonderful!"

It's so great to hear the pup is back home with his owners and let's hope the next time he decides to take a dip it's in a location a lot smaller than the Pacific ocean!

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