Tiny apartment boasts unexpected, yet fascinating feature

If you’ve ever dabbled in New York real estate (or seen a coming-of-age movie), you know that shopping for an apartment in the big city can be difficult.Housing is extremely expensive, and your typical budget spot is more likely to be a bit cramped or a bit quirky.Twitter user angelicaalzona encountered a unique combination of the three pitfalls while scanning a real estate website.The apartment in question is located in Brooklyn and features a spacious kitchen with wooden cabinets, plenty of counter space, a refrigerator … and a shower?.“Luxuries or weird ??! Kitchen or Bathroom vibes? You decide!” the listing said. “Weird but good priced if you don’t care (or do care and wanna be a weirdo!)”.Twitter users poked fun at the absurd setup.“You can eat slices of ham from the fridge while you’re in the bath I see no downsides,” one wrote.“That is certainly a choice someone made,” another said. “Where…. where’s the toilet,” a third asked.It’s not clear from the photos where the toilet is located, but that refrigerator does look a little suspicious

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