Tinsley Mortimer makes an unexpected exit from 'RHONY'

During Thursday's midseason finale of The Real Housewives of New York City, viewers learned that Tinsley Mortimer was leaving the show to live with now-fiancé Scott Kluth in Chicago. Mortimer joined the franchise in 2017.

Mortimer broke the news to cast members during a Halloween themed dinner. And while a few supported her decision, Dorinda Medley was not one of them. Medley responded to the good news by making the off-color remark, “I got a turkey baster, maybe you could actually have a baby.”

Just prior to the airing of the episode Mortimer issued a statement on her Instagram account, thanking people and sharing some of her favorite photos from her time on the show. Shortly after Mortimer moved to Chicago, Kluth proposed.

Fans were both heartbroken and happy for Mortimer. She met Kluth shortly after joining the show and their relationship has been fraught with ups and downs. Fans were also proud of Mortimer for choose a relationship with Kluth over the show.

Video Transcript


TINSLEY MORTIMER: Is there physically, like, a ring or something right now? No. Is that definitely happening? Are we getting married? I just know it, that I will be moving to Chicago. I'm not sure exactly when, but I know. And I know that we're going to be together, and I know that we're making this work.

KYLIE MAR: During Thursday's "Real Housewives of New York City," viewers learned that Tinsley Mortimer was leaving the show to live with now-fiancé Scott Kluth in Chicago, which she confirmed on Instagram minutes before the episode aired, saying, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my fans and friends who supported me and are happy for my fairy-tale ending. Without RHONY, would never have met my Prince Charming, Scott. Being a Housewife was such a fun experience."

While surprised, almost all of the cast members were happy for her. Almost.

DORINDA MEDLEY: You'll love Chicago.

TINSLEY MORTIMER: I do love Chicago.

DORINDA MEDLEY: It's so great--


DORINDA MEDLEY: --'cause you just live in a hotel, so you can pack up and go tomorrow.

TINSLEY MORTIMER: How about you're happy for me? Thank you.

DORINDA MEDLEY: Congratulations.

TINSLEY MORTIMER: Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

DORINDA MEDLEY: I've got a turkey baster--


DORINDA MEDLEY: --maybe you could actually try to have a baby.


TINSLEY MORTIMER: What does that mean?

KYLIE MAR: Fans of the show were sad to see Tinsley leave, but they were also very proud of her, like this person who tweeted, "Tinsley just did what most of the women on this franchise never do-- choose real life over 15 minutes of fame."

And with that, Tinsley left the Big Apple and the show for love in the Windy City.

TINSLEY MORTIMER: You know, it's just-- it's been a great ride, and I'm just so happy for where I am right now and so excited for my future.


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