Tinder’s New Feature Will Keep Your Old Flames Alive

The game of Tinder can be a fun one: Swipe right on reasonable prospects, bring up a flirty conversation, be bold enough to make the first move, head on a date, and if all goes well, you and your new bae are the newest online dating success story. While we daydream about our online crushes turning out to be our forever loves, it doesn’t always end up like a 21st-century fairy tale. Enter Feed: Tinder’s new feature that allows you to maximize your matches by keeping old flames alive.

Tinder Feed Screenshot
Tinder Feed Screenshot

Here’s how it works: Access your Match List, then tap on the “Feed” button. In Feed, you’ll be able to see your matches’ (AKA people who you’ve swiped right on and have swiped right on you) new Tinder photos, Instagram posts, and Spotify Top Artists and Anthems, all in real time. If someone’s update resonates with you — you two are training for the same marathon or heading to the same concert, for example — you can double-tap the post to respond directly to the content. It’s like a social feed just of people you’ve expressed interest in dating (or have already dated or… maybe are still interested in dating?).

Since these updates are in real time, Tinder has taken a couple of key security measures to ensure everyone’s privacy. First, your Feed only shows people who you’ve matched with and nobody else. Second, and more importantly, you are in control of what you share. New Instagram posts and any updates to your Spotify Top Artists will show up in your Feed (if you’ve connected your accounts to your Tinder profile), as well as new profile pics. But if you’re not interested in sharing every detail of your life, you can either disconnect these accounts or edit your setting to choose what can and cannot be seen by your matches.

“With Feed, we’re giving users the insights they need to strike up fun and engaging conversations with new and existing matches,” Brian Norgard, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, said. “We anticipate this new feature will lead to an increase in messaging, which in turn creates more opportunities for real-world conversations.”

As if you needed more reason to keep your social media (and your Spotify playlists!) on point. Unfortunately, Feed hasn’t come to the US just yet; it’s currently making its debut in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Once it’s here, though, you’ll be able to maximize your matches and get closer to the millennial love story of your dreams. Happy swiping!

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(Images via Tinder, featured photo via Getty)